Organic koji packs



250g pack of organic koji grown on assorted substrates.

Koji is regarded as the most important factor in traditional Japanese ferments as the quality and the enzyme balance of it define the taste and flavour of the final ferments. Our koji are carefully made in small batch with traditional Japanese koji-buta technique to fully ensure the balanced production of enzymes.

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Additional information

About koji packs

These are the packs of koji grown on various substrates traditionally found in Japan. We grow koji in small batch in traditional koji-buta method in which koji growth is carefully monitored during 48 hours of koji making. Achieving the optimal temperature and humidity transition for koji ensure the maximum production of koji’s enzymes.

If you have particular idea in mind how you use koji for, please consult us before purchasing. We will make sure that the balance of enzyme in koji will suit your application.


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11 May 2021

Will be back in Stroud Green

We will be back in Stroud Green. Koji natto, Pink shiokoji, Spicy soy dressing, Miso sesame dressing, Wild garlic pesto
11 May 2021

Koji for Life 6 copies remaining

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11 May 2021

Koji starters restocked

Premium koji starters from Hishiroku restocked - 40 bags for rice and 20 bags for protein substrates

Koji Making - Online

The online koji making class takes place over the span of 10 days. The class structure is as follows.

Day 1       Guidance session (Zoom 1 hour):

What is koji?   Koji making overview Tools & equipment required

Day 7-9 Practical (Zoom & Facebook Live):

Day 7  Steam Inoculation Zoom 4 hours) Day 8  Mixing (Facebook Live) Day 9  Drying(Facebook Live)

Day 10     Wrap up (Zoom 1.5 hour)

        Review, Troubleshooting, QA         Koji application

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