Our activities

 In order to accomplish our aspiration and mission, we are actively involved in various form of activities, such as having a stall at Stroud Green farmers market and selling homemade koji condiments, participating in educational events and providing consultation to restaurants. 

 However, our main focus is hosting in-depth koji workshops both online and offline which spans over days to weeks. Our approach toward workshops are known to be very experiential and gains high-level of satisfaction. Whereas koji is an extremely powerful tool as a cooking element, it is something that you need to build up and engrain experiences in your sense. It is not something you can learn by sitting, watching and listening. It also requires certain knowledge to make the most out of it. We design our workshops in a way you can gain confidence to deal with koji and optimise your setting on your own at the end of the class. We have a pride in providing such a course by deploying IT technology as best as we can.


Stroud Green farmers market - London, N4


Events - London Craft Week@Pantechnicon


Online workshops - Koji, Shoyu, Doburoku, Miso

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Latest News

11 May 2021

Will be back in Stroud Green

We will be back in Stroud Green. Koji natto, Pink shiokoji, Spicy soy dressing, Miso sesame dressing, Wild garlic pesto
11 May 2021

Koji for Life 6 copies remaining

Only 6 copies left in stock. Order now to avoid disappointment
11 May 2021

Koji starters restocked

Premium koji starters from Hishiroku restocked - 40 bags for rice and 20 bags for protein substrates

Koji Making - Online

The online koji making class takes place over the span of 10 days. The class structure is as follows.

Day 1       Guidance session (Zoom 1 hour):

What is koji?   Koji making overview Tools & equipment required

Day 7-9 Practical (Zoom & Facebook Live):

Day 7  Steam Inoculation Zoom 4 hours) Day 8  Mixing (Facebook Live) Day 9  Drying(Facebook Live)

Day 10     Wrap up (Zoom 1.5 hour)

        Review, Troubleshooting, QA         Koji application

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